During the Holidays we went down to Round Rock and painted some murals for Sunrise Montessori. One of which was “The Dandelion”.  Sunrise Montessori has expanded and our lion will welcome the kids into the new space in the new year.

This is a stop motion movie of Dawn Cleaves of Artisan Finishes painting the children’s mural for the Dandelion class at Sunrise Montessori. Our inspiration was the name of the class, “Dandelions”. The concept was a lion in the savannah blowing a dandelion and sending the seeds soaring across the sky. For preparation we collected a file of reference pictures and then a made quick pencil sketch.

The sketch was very rough, but was all that was needed.  The looseness allows us the artistic freedom to make adjustments on the fly.  The elephants were moved to the other side of the door to give the mural better continuity.  A watering hole was added with the elephants. And a medium sized tree was added to frame the mirror on the return wall.  We also raised up the lion for optimum line of sight for the viewers.  These are all things that are totally custom to the space and the client; only possible with a hand painted custom mural.

Lion Sketch

This mural required the lion to be a little more fleshed out.  So we workshopped him a bit until we found a design we liked.

This mural was done with time and budget in mind.  We chose to fill the space with an environment and kept the details to a minimum.  Time was spent on our focal point, the lion.

Lion in children's mural

Shannon Black, the owner, said,”You have more than exceeded all of my expectations.”

We hope the children at Sunrise Montessori in Round Rock Texas enjoy their new mural.

Lion blowing a dandelion on the Savannah

The Dandelion is one of  four murals at Sunrise Montessori in Round Rock check out “Snapdragon” http://artisanfinishes.net/?p=1499“Tiger Mural” http://artisanfinishes.net/?p=1621 , and “Life on the Farm” http://artisanfinishes.net/?p=1613

Here’s Sunrise Montessori’s newletter that show’s off their new murals. http://www.sunrise-montessori.com/docs/Newsletter_2013_02.pdf


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