Artist: Dawn Cleaves
Photo Credit: Greg Veazey

Current events have made Sonya Sotomayor’s presence in my collection even more meaningful to me. Ms. Manner, a chemistry teacher at Bryan Adams High School, recently passes away. At a vigil students came forward over and over and said that she believed in them no matter what their background. You could tell that this was a unique presence in their lives. It shouldn’t be. We should all believe in all children no matter what their background. And they should know it.

I also participated in the application process for one of DISD’s magnet schools. The demographics there are wildly different. There is no affirmative action. No efforts to balance demographics. And no sense that anything there should be done any differently….  Sonya Sotomayor was a product of affirmative action. Current events prove that we are no closer to equality than when affirmative action began. Yet our society pushes to consider it expired. No effort is made to diversify our magnet schools.

Until we get equality in education, we won't have an equal society.

Photo credit: Greg Veazey

Remember ones background

Photo credit: Greg Veazey

I encourage you to learn more about how history shaped Sonya Sotomayor’s life. click here for a start.

The show “Light: Reflected and from Within” has been extended through the end of April. Sonya Sotomayor’s portrait is included in “Once a Child” on display at The Mix Coworking. 9125 Diceman Dallas Tx. 75218. Park in the Diceman parking lot and follow the exterior staircase down to the space. Open Monday – Friday 8-5 and other times by appointment. Call 214.500.2063

Once a child is a collection of portraits of children. These are children of a diverse background, from different times and places. But they share a positive will. A will for equality and civil rights. A will for perseverance for a better world.

At the show, I’ve provided a collection of quotes to go with the portraits. Please go and write your favorite quote on the wall. You can use one of the one’s I provide or your own.





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