This is the perfect example of why I love working with designers.  Amanda of Astleford Interiors asked that I come up with a turquoise basket weave finish for a ceiling.  My eyebrow raised, my nose scrunched up a bit and I hesitantly got started on some samples.  I did a dry brush, a comb, broken color, two tones of blue, threw in a camel color… they all just looked messy.  I did a few more non basket weave samples and sent her pictures.

They really want basket weave and these aren’t quite it.  Ok…. time to surf the internet and figure out how to make this basket weave look nice, not so messy.  I found a basket weave tile pattern.  One inch squares surrounded by rectangles.  I started again on the samples and did a dry brush for texture and then lined it like the tile pattern.  We have a winner.  Textured but clean and wow color.

close up of turquoise basket weave finish

Close up of turquoise basket weave finish

This is that designer/ artist collaboration that I love.  I would have never come up with this on my own.  This isn’t a finish you learn at a faux finish school.  It’s a combination of color and technique applied to a concept to create an absolutely unique finish.  No fancy products.  Simply matte Sherwin Williams 6767 Aquarium and 6488 Grand Canal. This bright ceiling will play nicely off of the other pops of turquoise through out this game room.

When the son saw the room his response was,  “It’s awesome.”

Final turquoise basket weave finish.

The "awesome" basket weave ceiling.

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