Watercolor artist, Elizabeth Meaney, of Austin joined Artisan Finishes for this children’s mural at Sunrise Montessori.  She and I met years ago in architecture school at UT Austin.  After two years of drafting she shifted her focus to Art and Art History and continued her studies in France.  Over the years I have turned to her many times for references and details for painting iconography.  When the project calls for it I like to be true to history for my color choices and imagery. She was instrumental in arranging a series of projects at Chateau d’Ecou in France.

Purple and yellow Dragon

Our friendly dragon.

In recent years her focus has been on her three children.  This allows her to delve into a child’s mind for caricatures and styles.  I am thrilled to have her on our team and am looking forward to many more children’s murals.  Artisan Finishes is expanding to provide children’s murals in the Austin Area.


For an artist, children’s murals offer the opportunity to use quick, bold brushstrokes.  I have a loose style that stems from my background in theater.  It is more impressionistic than photographic.

Painted Snapdragons

Impressionistic Snapdragons

When children get close to the wall, they see that for the most part it’s just a bunch of blobs of color.  They learn that the blobs of color they make in fingerpainting are the building blocks to stylized art. Through our murals children experience the mind’s eye vision.  The artist gets to paint the world as they see it.

Fairy Tale Land

Who lives in the castle on the hill with the friendly dragon above?


Snapdragon is one of  four murals at Sunrise Montessori in Round Rock check out “The Dandelion” http://artisanfinishes.net/?p=1463, “Tiger Mural” http://artisanfinishes.net/?p=1621 , and “Life on the Farm” http://artisanfinishes.net/?p=1613

Here’s Sunrise Montessori’s newletter that show’s off their new murals. http://www.sunrise-montessori.com/docs/Newsletter_2013_02.pdf

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