The other day I spent the afternoon in the shop two doors down with Roy Robles. Since moving into my studio space, we have become friends and mutual supporter in each others business pursuits. He does custom cabinetry and furniture. You can see his work on his website

Roy of Wood Gem on the table saw

Roy on the table saw.


He helped me make frames for my artwork for my upcoming show using left over wood he had in his shop. (And might I say, he has some beautiful woods from all his different projects.) We had gone to the Pollock exhibit together and I liked the way some of the work was displayed. We discussed several ways of getting “the look”. My way was way too complicated and heavy. His design was simple and clean the way is should be. We did his design. He did the rips on the table saw and the milling and then he taught me how to do the other cuts and connections. I thought I was done. He handed me a trim router. And told me several other finishing touches to do.

It’s amazing sometimes. You don’t think about the little details that make something go from done,… to professionally done.

Thank you so much to my friend and collaborator Roy Robles of Wood Gem. If you need custom cabinetry or furniture please call him. 214-773-1394

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