Samantha Murray of Creative Illusions was hired to customize this master bath by builder Gary Dean and designer Sharon Flatley. Due to the soaring barrel vault over arches and 5 different finishes, she brought in Artisan Finishes to collaborate. With decking and scaffolding in place, we began with the barrel vault. Twenty feet long and eight feet across with 3 finishes, it was no small task. We laid out our rectangle that would become the trompe l’oeil molding. Around the perimeter we applied a 3 color wet blended Venetian Plaster. This inset was filled with layers of blended copper and gold metallic. In the middle of the metallic area was a sprinkle head. Bright white. Do Not Paint. The other color option for the sprinkler cover was a not so complimentary taupe. Sam said “If you can’t get hide it, paint it red.” So she designed a small decorative medallion to incorporate the sprinkler head.Ceiling

Now it looks like it was always part of the design. The medallion tied in with the details that we painted in the corners. We layered varying shades and lines to create a 3-D effect that continued around our moulding border. With the barrel done, it was time to remove the scaffold and the top layer of the decking over the tub and begin the arches and the rest of the walls.


The 3 color Venetian Plaster continued down the walls and over the arches. As dynamic as it was with three colors, it was soft and subtle. It took its place appropriately as the background and didn’t fight to pull focus from the other details, like the beautiful tile in the shower. Under the arches we repeated the trompe l’oeil design, adjusting it to fit the actual dimensions.


The final two finishes were the faux marble columns around the tub holding up the arches and the two demitasse murals over the door ways. Once painted, the murals were aged and toned back to be in perfect balance with the rest of the room.




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