We strive to provide environments with our children’s murals.  As an artist, I feel that the current trend of clipart murals creates disconnected images that sometime don’t relate in concept or style.  When doing a custom mural, I take the concepts and characters and put them into a world with perspective and space.  The rooster is on the fence a little ways off.  The chickens and chicks peck the ground up close among the children in the room.  In the reading area children can count ten apples on the tree.



Farm mural

Wide open spaces to play at the farm.

Our murals introduce an appreciation for custom art and provided an environment for growing minds.

Life on the Farm is one of  four murals at Sunrise Montessori in Round Rock check out “The Dandelion” http://artisanfinishes.net/?p=1463, “Tiger Mural” http://artisanfinishes.net/?p=1621 and “Snapdragons” http://artisanfinishes.net/?p=1499

Here’s Sunrise Montessori’s newletter that show’s off their new murals. http://www.sunrise-montessori.com/docs/Newsletter_2013_02.pdf



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