Sky Ceiling

This is a hand painted sky that brings in the classical colors and styles of Fragonard done by Dawn Cleaves for designer Donna Grimes of Long Beach Island NJ.

Grand Canyon Mural

This is a hand painted mural by Dawn Cleaves on muslin. The beauty of murals on muslin or canvas is that they can be relocated. This mural is currently at it's 3rd home in Austin Texas.

Media Bath

Astleford Interiors created sophisticated glamor with our large hand painted champagne lattice.

Sophisticated Stripes

Here math was our friend as we laid out our stripe to land perfectly at critical moment on either side of the arch and around the mirror. We worked with Amanda of Astleford Interiors to selected SW 7035, a soothing warm grey and combined two sizes of stripes for a tailored look.

Glazed Aqua Blue

Bath one is a deep aqua frottage finish with a dual tone metallic stencil. For the final touch Dawn Cleaves added free hand details in champagne and gold for Astleford Interiors.


This is the dark stone fireplace before we gave it it's makeover.

Painted Austin Stone

This fireplace received an Austin stone facelift. Designer Susan Mock selected a sample of limestone that had subtle color shifts and minimal contrast in the grout. It was a breath of fresh air in the once dark family room.

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