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I work closely with Dawn in the studio here at Artisan Finishes; helping when needed and completing the odd task here and there. A few days ago I was sorting through old files and portfolios that had collected over the years, hoping to organize and condense a bit. I was looking through a file of photos from the nineties and came across a couple of what I considered pretty mentionable projects. Namely, this children’s mural painted in Smithville, Texas for the movie production, “Hope Floats”:

Its dimensions reaching an incredible sixteen feet high, ninety feet long, it seems to have been quite a project, especially for the restricted time window of only three days. I was wondering to myself how awful it must have been to go foot by foot via ladder when I found a second photo. This picture depicts Dawn and her coworker Tommy Karl using a machine called a boom lift. These can be difficult to learn to use, but prove to be extremely useful in large jobs such as this one. When I decided to ask her more about it, Dawn told me how the working conditions didn’t make the project any easier. The temperature was in the triple digits the whole time, making the mural an arduous project to say the least.

After talking to Dawn I thought I’d research the movie a bit. I looked up “Hope Floats” on IMDB (the best film resource in my opinion). While I was reading the summary and looking at the actors involved I found a list of the full crew, and guess who was on there? Dawn Baker Cleaves! She has her own IMDB page with over fifteen movies on it, including “The Ringer”, “Miss Congeniality”, and the “Patriot”.Here’s the link:

It’s amazing what you can find tucked away in a drawer… And where that can lead you. This is my second summer with Artisan Finishes and I’m still learning new things about Dawn and her experience. It really seems she’s worked in every corner of the art world and I feel I’m in good hands as her intern.

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