Where can decorative finishing be used?

Sometimes I say, “If it will stay still long enough, I’ll paint it.”  That being said, different finishes are appropriate for different surfaces. Bring us your concept and we will find the right products to paint whatever it is.  We have painted on floors, ceilings, walls, cabinets, glass, furniture and fixtures. One time I painted a goat.  Ask me about it.

How long does decorative finishing take?

It depends on the project.  A one wall children’s mural can be done in 1-2 days.  A one step finish on a existing color in an average room can take 1-2 days. A ceiling mural can easily take 2 weeks or more. One room with a multi layered process can take a week. Size, technique, difficulty of access, and size of crew are all factors that can affect time lines.  If you need to meet a deadline let us know.  We can recommend a finish or bring in additional crew from our artist network to meet most time lines. Our artist network allows us to bring in the right artist for the right job.

What is a faux finish?

A faux finish is a painted finish that looks like something real.  The best faux is not recognized as such. A viewer will accept it as real and never question that it is painted.  Faux finishes can include but are not limited to marble, wood, metal, stone and aging. Part of the fun is being able to tell your friends that they were fooled by the painted marble fireplace or wainscot.

How much will it cost?

A one wall children’s mural starts at $500.  An average room with 2-3 step finish could be $1500 – $3000. Our pricing is based on the experience of our artist combined with time and materials required for each project. We will be happy to bid your project with your dream finish. If needed we can make recommendations for different price points based on your goals.

How do I get the space ready?

Be sure to have the space cleared of furniture, fixtures, wall hangings and area rugs that may interfere with the area to be finished. Make arrangements for pets to be blocked off from work area. Six feet of clearance is required along a mural wall for a children’s room. If you need us to move some furniture let us know in advance so that we can make sure we have enough people. There may be an additional charge for this added service. For heavy or delicate items we may recommend professional movers.

What is the process involved?

Artisan Finishes works one-on-one with you or your designer to create truly unique living environments that express the artistry of your imagination. We begin with a phone conversation where we will discuss concepts, scope, timeline, and other pertinent details. We will exchange emails, Pinterest boards or ideabooks on Houzz to communicate the vision.  Then we will visit the location.  Having the background information ahead of time allows us to bring samples specific to your project. At this point we will create a bid. For murals we will take a design fee in order to create a paint elevation. A paint elevation is a scaled painted of the mural proposed for your space. For finishes we will create a sample. Once we have approval and the deposit we will schedule work. This is when the magic happens. Our professional artists will create your custom finish or mural in your space. Our goal is to earn your respect as a satisfied customer who will commission us again and confidently refer us to others.


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