A client was having her hardwood floor in her entry refinish. Natural wood is beautiful in any home. But she wanted something more.

Her refinisher Terry Hicks called Artisan Finishes. I met with the client and looked at some pictures she had collected for inspiration. I drew up a design scaled specifically to her room. We created an intricate overall pattern. To do this with an actual inlay would have required a total rip out and starting over. By doing a faux inlay we were friendly to the environment and able to achieve the look while reusing the beautiful existing hardwood floors.

It was wonderful working with Service Hardwood Flooring Company LLC. 972.298.7432

They sanded and cleaned the floors and then I slipped in and did the detail stain work and then they came back and did the top coats. We worked together to make sure all of our products were compatible. By teaming up we were able to offer an economical professional finish where we each provided our expert services. The results are stunning.

Faux Inlay

Beautiful Faux inlay. 

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