Faux Inlay

Beautiful Faux Inlay

If you want to do something like the faux inlay in the last post your self, you will need patience. Measuring and layout with an assistant took the larger part of a day. We planned our sequence and then applied frog tape accordingly.

Faux inlay layout

Measuring and taping design

It took some testing and practice to get just the right amount of sticky to be able to create a clean line, but then be able to remove the tape and not end up with a ghost in the next layer of stain.

Faux inlay Dark squares

First was the dark squares with Old Masters gel stain.

We used Old Masters gel stain. From Texas Paint and Wallpaper. The gels provide just the right amount of control and offer excellent color.

Old Master gel stain

We used Old Masters gel stain from Texas Paint and Wallpaper on Ross Ave. Dallas.

Faux inlay second color

We were able to do the second color the same day. Be care full where you step!

Between colors we had to let it dry and then reposition the tape for the next round of colors.

I was very happy to be leaving the top coat to the professionals.

Faux inlay final

Perfect for little bear feet.


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