Recently we worked with Astelford Interiors on a beautiful home in Preston Hollow. We did three finishes in three bathrooms.


The media bath is a soft blue grey lined in a harlequin pattern with a champagne metallic. It’s a sophisticated yet casual take on Hollywood Regency.


In the formal powder room we started with a two tone Venetian plaster sgraffito inspiration.  The fact that the walls were already textured, even though subtle made Venetian  plaster cost prohibitive.  A true Venetian begins with perfectly smooth walls.  So, we took the mottled colors of the Venetian and created a finish with bright turquoise undertones that peak through a rich royal navy.

The sgraffito border inspiration had been gilt inside the cuts, so we did a metallic stencil border. The stencil was custom cut, mimicking a design from a textile trim used in the curtain in the adjacent hall. It was filled with a dusting of warm silver and a custom mixed brass. Then freehand line work detailed the design adding a playful element.

Our tailored stripes in this third bathroom produce a touch of elegance with their muted grey and cream palette.

DSCF1437 - Version 2

This technique of striping the walls instead of opting for wallpaper indulges the need for unique customization The pattern can be adjusted to flow with the geometry of the architecture.



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