This last ASID meeting, “Tips to Owning and Operating a Small Business” presented by Brian Rinke, was full of all those things that you know, you’ve heard, but you still don’t seem to be doing.  I’m an artist,… no a painter,… ok, maybe artist.  I paint stuff.  I can focus on the most minute detail of a mural.  I can rush against the Texas heat that dries my glaze.  I can create formulas for that special finish that combine slaked lime, a bit of portland , some oxide pigment, and then burnish it with a steel trowel.  What’s hard for me is running my business.  I read blogs and anything I can get my hands on about running a small business.  Last time I started a decorative arts business it was easy.  It was a different time.  Within a month of starting my business in New Jersey I had a designer that was keeping me busy enough that I only had time for a few other projects.  This time it’s been slower to develop the relationships that bring in the jobs.  This time I need to have more business savvy and I need to do marketing and sales.  I have a plan.  But Brian is right.  I don’t follow it.  My plan includes things I don’t want to do, or am not comfortable or confident about doing.  He says, “Eat the Frog.” Do what will help the business the most at the beginning of each day.  Today, that is writing this blog,… AND publishing it.  He says that lack of follow through on the plan is where small businesses fail.  My marketing plan says I’m supposed to post one blog a week.  Just do it!

Eat that Frog


What will tomorrow’s frog be?


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