Gold leaf

Gilded wall done for Designer Patricia Crocker.

Artisan Finishes is an award winning decorative arts company based in Dallas Tx.  We offer a wide variety of techniques to create finishes as dramatic or subtle as you like.  Our artisans can seamlessly blend murals and finishes. We are insured and pride ourselves on being professional.  We are members of IDAL (International Decorative Artisans League) and ASID Industry Partners. Contact us for a free consultation.

Our repertoire includes ; murals, faux finishes, decorative arts, and plasters.  Murals can be done on site directly on the walls or on canvas as a maroflage.  Both options have their benefits and we can recommend the one that is right for you.

Faux finishes are painted finishes that look like something real like marble, wood, or stone. These techniques can be done in large panels to fill a whole room or as inlaid patterns on a floor, table top or wall.

Decorative arts covers a wide range of techniques.  It can be simply a glazed wall, a stencil, or hand lettering.

We offer a variety of classical lime plasters from the rustic with visible bits of sand or grass to the highly polished Venetian.  We also have water based synthetic plasters and clay plasters.  Let us bring our samples to you so that you can learn about all the possibilities.

In our green conscience world, we try to be as green as possible in all aspects of our work.  We wash and reuse rags,rollers and brushes.  We use mostly cloth drop clothes and reuse the plastic ones when appropriate.  Clay plaster is currently the greenest architectural coating available.  Trust that we will do our best to use green options when we are able to on what ever finish you choose.

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Dawn began her career designing, building and painting sets for local theaters in her home town of Austin, Texas. She moved on to film work and was often selected for specialty tasks such as murals, subtle aging, faux marble and art reproductions. Various projects led her to New York where she worked as a carpenter on films at the Metropolitan Opera. After being accepted as a USA scenic artist, she worked as a scenic artist in the Broadway scenic shops and on TV and film projects in New York. Working in the entertainment industry has given her the opportunity to work with great artists from New York, LA, and Europe learning techniques and styles from the living masters.



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